How Startups Could Get a Shift Due To COVID-19
Posted 15 Sep, 2020
Author - 'Folu Karunwi
How Startups Could Get a Shift Due To COVID-19

Since its emergence, COVID-19 has brought a lot of surprises and compromise for businesses around the globe. One of these surprises is the acceleration of startups. In Q2 of 2020 alone, 35 startups in African countries raised $340 million. Tech giants like Google has taken initiatives for improving the business ideas of the young entrepreneurs.
In the current scenario, remote working or remote acceleration has been implemented. As of now, this has been implemented as a short-term change but there is a huge possibility that it shall be a long term one. Certain organizations have geared up and said that startups would receive funding and venture building support.

Some advantages to remote acceleration.

The prime aim of these programs is to help enhance startup growth and reap profits even in the time of remote working. Attractive activation packages from various organizations offer funds, guidance, and support for startups requirements to survive during these peculiar times and prevent from them business dissolution. Doing these help the business to be efficient and more concentrated during workdays.

Workshops or training programs for startups could be done in 2 to 3 hours of calls rather than a full day workshop session. World class mentors could be bought from around the world for sessions to assist and offer guidance to the future entrepreneurs. Benefit and services provided by the accelerators are to help solve challenges and navigate through business encounters which help them in their foundation stage.
Taking advantage of modern technological devices enables accelerators programs to connect, service and collaborate with startups that seek assistance with their business models. In modern age, nothing is impossible, and nothing can prevent your business activities from operating.

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