Benefits of Good Record keeping
Posted 01 Apr, 2020
Author - Omobolanle Ajetunmobi
As we are trying to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that the health care system keeps a good record of all patients.
Recording keeping is a tool for professional practice and one that should help the care process. It is not separate and not an optional extra to be fitted in if circumstances allow.
A record should be made as soon as an individual has been tested and confirmed to have the virus. It’s important that accurate record is made in the patient’s notes and should include interventions and any response to the interventions.

The Importance of good record keeping are:
·       Record keeping makes the continuity of care easier.
·       Record keeping promotes better communication and dissemination of information between members of the professional team.
·       Helps to address complaints or legal processes
·       Supports clinical audit, research, allocation of resources and performance planning.
·       Helps to identify risks and enables the early detection of complications.
·       Supports patient care and patient-centred communication.
·       Supports effective clinical judgement.
·       Supports delivery of services.
·       Helps improve accountability.
·       Shows how decisions were made relating to the patient’s care.
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