The Importance of Data for Your Social Strategy
Posted 12 Feb, 2020
Author - Olajumoke Adebisi
The General Importance of Data for Your Social Strategy
Each marketing strategy a team executes needs to be data driven. The truth is data is everywhere, marketers just tend to shy away from it or even ignore it completely. Sometimes, marketers are more likely to make strategic decisions based on a gut feeling or subjective opinion. Both reasoning are easier than analyzing the data available (but not at all a better strategy than using data). 
We can all agree that analyzing data is sometimes difficult but is always important. And when developing an organization’s social strategy, the data is a little dynamic. Our recommendation? Embrace data. Don’t over-complicate it. Try this approach. 
First, break down the data you plan to collect into two groups: 
Data evaluating social performance exclusively
These analytics are exclusive to social impact and only measure the success of the messages/campaign on the social channel. Metrics include:
  • Reach/Impressions
  • Engagement rate
  • Ideal time of day to post
  • Ideal day of week to post
  • Likes, comments, and shares
  • Messages
  • Link clicks
  • Retweets and
  • Video views
Data evaluating the success of your social strategy based on the goals of each campaign
In some cases, these metrics can overlap with the first set of data. But let’s assume your primary goals are outside of social media channels. This data includes:
  • Website metrics
  • Average time on page, average number of pages per session, number of page views, etc.
  • Conversions
  • Form submissions
If you’re running a paid campaign, this information might be available through the social channel. But we recommend confirming the quality of the lead and making sure it enters your database properly.
  • Asset downloads
  • CTA interaction/click
  • App downloads
  • Purchases
Assume you know nothing. Test everything.
The only assumption you can make is that you know nothing without the data to support your hypothesis. That said, you should test everything about your campaign: images, copy, CTA buttons, what social networks you run ads on, the types of ads you run, the audience criteria you target, etc. Adjusting audience characteristics is one of the most important things your team can do.
Improving Your Data Quality to Improve Your Social Strategy
If you’ve taken the time to really strategize, not just execute, it will show in the success of your campaign. Collecting and analyzing data at every step of your social strategy gives your team the arsenal to put its findings into action and continually strengthen your strategy. Ultimately, that will only improve your track record for social campaigns and convince your organization of their value.

Source: demandzen
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