How to Pitch your Business to Investors
Posted 29 Jan, 2021
Author - Adebayo Jacobs-Amoo
How to Pitch your Business to Investors.

The need to properly prepare for a good pitch that can excite and attract a potential investor cannot be overemphasized. There are investors out there willing to invest in your idea or already established business, BUT you need to sell your idea or business in a way that guarantees them that they are not making a huge mistake that might cost them their money. 

At teapotNG, we do not only fund established business looking to expand, but we also invest in business ideas with great potentials, but you have to convince us that we will get my money back and of course make profit after a certain period.
teapotNG recently invested millions of Naira in an idea, a digital product because we saw a path to making profit on our investment, a path to growth on investment a future for the product. I and my team believed in it. We were convinced of a return on our investment and that is all there is to know for us. We supported the idea from scratch, going through the plan, providing developers to bring the product to life. The product went live few weeks ago, and it is growing as expected.

Every businessman/woman need a speech that excites and persuades an investor. You need to do thorough research about the industry, the product/service you are looking at launching, the problems your product/service will be solving. And also, using the right language is a must too. As a business, your choice of language when you are pitching your business for financial is important. Your pitch must exude confidence, show that you have done your homework and you know what you are talking about. Be bold, be confident and go for it.

At teapotNG these are some of the questions we ask and things we look out for before we invest in a business, in addition to doing a due diligence on the business and the business owner:
·       Your business (product/service) must provide solution to a particular problem, and you must be able to show that your business model is sustainable and will be profitable (Though nothing is guaranteed but a good plan goes all the way to show us how the business can survive and thrive/grow).

·       If you are an existing business and you have started recording sales, it would help if you can provide a record of your sales within a particular timeline and how you intend to maintain sales even after you receive funding. Bank statements showing your sales record will be handy.

·       You have to provide a detailed business proposal showing the financial projections of your business over a certain period of time.

·       More importantly, you should be able to show how profitable your business is, as no investor would like to lose their money. What your current order balance is, what you expect it to be after receiving investment.

·       Make sure the passive expenditure in your business is already taken care of, any investment you receive should primarily go toward increasing sales.

·       And of course, that our investment is guaranteed to yield profit for you and us.  
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